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Hi, this is Perry Marshall, author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing and host of the legendary Star Principle seminar. Richard Koch and I have organized book bonus materials for you. These will catalyze your success with SIMPLIFY.

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  • SIMPLIFY Scorecard – eliminates ambiguity about what kind of Simplifier you should become
  • The Star Principle Scorecard – Get an exact gauge of your business’s competitive edge with precise instructions on how to raise your score and profitability
  • A series of videos by Richard Koch on Price and Proposition Simplifiers – Richard on how Henry Ford’s Simplifying vision eclipsed all others in the car industry; and how Price Simplifiers exponentially spike demand, creating markets that did not exist before
  • An ongoing conversation with tools, resources, strategies and tactics to help you achieve your vision
  • Ongoing updates from Perry and Richard

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